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About Payer

Here are the most common questions gathered for you who want to know more about Payer as a business.

I need to send you a letter by post. What is your address?

Payer Financial Services AB, Box 4040, 102 61 Stockholm.

I have a complaint

If you have a complaint regarding our services we ask you to first contact our customer service team at Our member of our customer service team will try their utmost to help you further and to collect your feedback. Your feedback is crucial for us to get better.

Should you discontent remain after your contact with our customer service team we recommend to send a written request for further investigation to complaints officer Inger Bergqvist at She will look at your complaint and review a potential future procedure of you case.

We need to receive complete information of what has happened in your earlier contacts with us and why you are dissatisfied. When a decision has been taken regarding your case you will be notified within 15 business days.

If a decision cannot be given within 15 days you will be further notified on how the handling of the case is proceeding, the reason of the delay and a future date when a decision can be made. An answer will in this case be given within 35 business days after the complaint was received by us. 

What the general terms and conditions of Payer's service?

Read our general terms and conditions here


Office hours

Monday- Thursday          9 – 16

Friday                                  9 – 12

Day before holiday          9 – 12

Holidays                             closed

Closed for lunch               12- 13


Support:                             Send email 

Sales:                                   +46-8-208370


Own your customer. Always.

Let Payer take care of the payment experience with our white label solution.

Contact us to get advice how to digitise your business.

Stäng rutan

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