A trademark, or brand, is one of the most valuable strategic assets for a company next to its product and its employees. The logo, associated colours, graphical content and typeface defines in essence who you are. The combination of these element is your style that makes you unique.

Payer has been on a journey over the past decade in the B2C space and decided three years ago to walk a different path. Our aim since then has been to break through in B2B e-commerce. The B2B market is destined to become larger than the B2C this year already. We have since then built a new API platform that is designed in a modular style that works perfectly for B2B businesses. And we are happy to say that the interest from B2B companies is big!

A brand new style

And with this new direction the company is taking we want start fresh with a new costume as well. This brand and our mission statement reflects our current journey we are on.

Transitioning to a new brand.

A new home

Since a week ago we have a new home at www.payer.eu. The website is designed to be transparent with what our API platform can do for you. Hope fully this can also give you inspiration how to build new digital businesses based on Payer’s products. Check out our solutions page where you can browse through all of our products such as conversion, payments and administration.

Let’s connect!

We have only started on this new chapter of our company and we want to talk to all of you B2B businesses out there how we can work together to create magical payment experiences together. Go to www.payer.eu right now and get in touch with us. We are a small team still so it’s likely you won’t get lost in our organisation 😉.

Stäng rutan

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