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Accelerate your B2B sales digitalisation

Payment is at the heart of all trade. What are the effects for your business as trade is turning digital?

Let our team guide you!

Payer Labs helps you discover the best way to digitalise your B2B sales through structured payment workshops.

Handing you blueprints for the future

Our customers have enabled new digital revenue streams and cost reductions by integrating Payer’s API platform for B2B payments. These opportunities can often be hidden from plain view but can be dug up just like gold nuggets from a river bed.
This is exactly what we are achieving with Payer Labs.

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Maximum output by minimum input

Easy to get started

We have a fixed price for a Payer Labs workshop and there is no commitment from you after the initial delivery.

Little commitment

All that we require from you is a few hours from your team’s time in order for our payment specialists to dig into the core of a business and discover hidden opportunities.

Tangible results

You will receive actionable output of the workshop. The output will describe workflows and technology to accelerate digital trade and for operational efficiencies.

Downloadable assets

A report will both conclude the workshop and give your organisation an actionable document that can be shared with other stakeholders in your company.

4 steps of a Payer Labs workshop

Step 1

Setting the scope 

Let’s get started with a short interview! At the end of this first call we should be able to pin point the general problem that we want to deep dive in. We will also ask for documentation that might be helpful in the process.

  • 1-2 hour interview
  • Define general needs
  • Set the scope 
  • Gather information and data
Step 2


Now the fun work begins! We have potentially invited additional internal stakeholders to a workshop that Payer will lead. In this stage we will ask many and tricky questions to get to know your business better.

  • 2-3 hour workshop
  • Deep interviews
  • Collaborative sessions

Step 3


In this stage the Payer team will go back to their desk and work through all the insights that we got from the workshop. We will start create assets that we will share with you.

  • Flow charts
  • UI visualisations
  • Clickable prototypes

Step 4


We are now ready for a presentation where we will share our findings with you. A report with additional assets will be handed over to you after this stage.

  • 1 hour presentation
  • Q&A
  • Hand-over
  • Potential next steps

Download the Payer Labs product sheet

Learn more about Payer Labs and the use of the platform.

Read our Volvo case study

Solution for European long haul trucks

Payer developed an integrated communication and payment solution to solve cross-border transaction for Volvo Financial Services.


Read the case here  

“Together with Payer, with its B2B focus, we have been able to
deliver an internationally scalable solution in record time.”

– Hampus Hansson, Director Innovation & Strategy Volvo Financial Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does Payer Labs take?
Payer Labs is typically done over the course of several weeks, but we may upon request give a more precise estimate of the time we are going to spend.
What is the cost of Payer Labs?
Payer Labs comes at a fixed price, please reach out to our sales via form or a chat to learn more.
How can I use the results of Payer Labs?
The delivery of Payer Labs is an analysis of your current setup and solution suggestions of how to improve the digital customer experience in your buying cycle based on the functions and products available in the Payer API Platform. This information will simplify the communication with concerned stakeholders – both to clearly communicate value, the customer experience, and what needs to be done technically to create this. The material should serve to be useful for you to continue with your improvement process regardless of if you proceed with Payer API Platform or not.
What do you need to get started?
Leave us a message on our contact form so our sales can get in touch with you and present what the process looks like for when you get started with Payer Labs.

COVID-19 Notice to Our Clients

We are encouraging our clients and to schedule phone or zoom conferences rather than in-person meetings when possible. Like many offices, we are taking significant precautions to help prevent the spread of this virus to our workforce, clients, and families.

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