Payer exhibited at the B2B e-commerce expo in Gothenburg yesterday. The name has this year changed from D-Fokus to D-B2B.

It was a really good event organised by Svensk Digital Handel. To shortly summarise the day it was filled with exciting lectures, interesting and knowledgeable visitors as well as nice exhibitors of course! 😊

Over the days we are digging into questions about how we are increasing B2B e-commerce by harnessing the power of innovative technical solutions and platforms, how this works for an executive salesperson and how important it is with information and good buying experiences.

D-B2B focuses on organisational and strategic challenges when the traditional B2B business model now faces and huge change. Something that was touched on in a good way during the day.

An shout out to the crew of Swedish Digital Handel that created a really good exhibition climate! D-B2B is one of, or maybe the best fair of the year. Payer will definitely exhibit at the B2B e-commerce expo next year as well.



B2B e-handelPayer exhibited at the B2B e-commerce expo