Defining B2B e-commerce
beyond 2020. Together.


Cutting-edge B2B e-commerce emerged in the early 2020s when a select group of people saw opportunities where others saw obstacles. We were bold enough and had the grit to deliver solutions to challenges that were tougher than many dared to admit.

We were pioneers.


“We always choose Payer as a payment provider when we build apps. Their solutions are modern and the team is very competent.”

– Alexander Schultz, Founder Third Act

We are currently looking for partners like you


You are the architects and builders
of solutions in B2B. You sketch out the blueprints for digital businesses of the future.

Payer can help you to integrate payment experiences into complex B2B e-commerce systems.


You are the landlords of the cottages and castles of e-commerce. You provide the practical tools to run a digital business with comfort.

Payer can provide you with a range of streamlined products that add value to your customers.

Payment service providers

You provide the rails that keep payments on track globally

Payer adds powerful functionality for B2B customers that are looking for solutions where the traditional payment companies fall short.

Some of our partners

For international procurement and purchasing

View Payer Financial Services AB profile on Ariba Discovery
View Payer Financial Services AB profile on Ariba Discovery

Customer success stories

Beleco image of lounge or living room

Beleco is an award-winning business that innovates how companies decorate their offices. They call their business furniture-as-a-service.

Beleco success story →

Touchtech screen in a store environment

“The challenge was that we had to rely largely on us checkout options in the customer’s web shop, there the consumer in the store needed to use his phone to finish purchase. 

Thanks to Payer we can offer a complete solution including the payment solution right out of the box ”

– Deniz Chaban, CEO Touchtech.


Work system brand image with worker and service car

“When we were on the verge of our international expansion, we realized we needed a smart B2B-solution for digital payments across national borders. Thanks to close cooperation with Payer, we now have the ability to automate and integrate the management of our entire customer journey with our business system.

With Payer as a partner, we are better equipped to take on Europe!”

– Fredrik Upåker, CFO Worksystem.