The Ultimate B2B Invoice Solution

Why should you care about our Invoice-as-a-service?

- It depends on your job title

As the Head of E-commerce, you’ll be glad to offer your customers a quick way for them to finalize their purchase. If you’re the CDO, excitement comes with the possibility of a fast approval process. As CMO, you can look forward to presenting a way for generating revenue and driving growth, even with slashed marketing budgets.
Some B2B companies offer their own invoice that includes manual processes which are both time consuming and resource consuming. Payer automates the entire invoice management process from start to finish while cutting costs and streamlining the buying experience for both the seller and the buyer.
This product is designed for all companies and especially for B2B companies with an e-com solution that primarily offer card payments to their customers today. Because in our view there is no good invoicing solution for the B2B market. Or at least there wasn’t. Until now.
With Payer’s flexible and powerful invoicing solution for B2B, our customers are in total control of their own user experience. Payers digital B2B invoice is automatically integrated into existing and new systems, without customers needing to replace their existing systems.

We have found that in B2B-payments, there are three clear areas that, if automated, immediately will deliver a better user experience to stakeholders. And provide shift towards a smooth B2C like experience.

To be able to buy using an invoice

Solving pain points on the point of purchasing

The Problem


In many purchasing organizations, cards are not widely distributed. On the merchant side, credit sales are guided by policies that involve manual decisions – either a credit committee, or a senior manager

The Solution

An algorithmic credit policy and credit scoring to deliver automated credit decisions at the point of purchase. This is the core of Payers’ Invoice-as-a-service.

Automation of the dunning process chain

Removing high friction communication

The Problem



Customers and merchants are facing high friction/low value conversations about shipment and delayed payments.

The Solution


Straight forward and automated dunning chain process, from invoice creation – to get paid. Including intuitive communication by email/SMS.

Reconciliation and reporting

Eliminating unnecessary manual labour

The Problem


Many multi-market organizations run a mix of ERP systems that don’t communicate at all. This means that they manually have to check bank statements against accounts receivable ledger.

The Solution


Harmonize purchase data in a central warehouse and distribute in formats needed to be understood in each ERP system.

In conclusion

The holy grail of digitization in B2B-payments is to be able to cut costs by eliminating unnecessary manual labor. At Payer we develop and provide products that do just that.

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The Ultimate B2B Invoice Solution