Volvo Financial Services is using Payer’s platform for digital B2B payments to keep the wheels spinning

Volvo Financial Services

Volvo Financial Services (VFS) is the captive financing arm of the Volvo Group, providing financing and insurance solutions to the Group’s retail customers and dealers. With the ambition to be an innovation leader, VFS develops solutions that deliver an exceptional customer experience. Read on to find out how Volvo Financial Services leveraged Payers platform as part of a solution that helped to digitalize B2B payments for service and repairs.

The challenge

Lack of automated B2B Payment Solution

Long-haul trucks from Volvo often travel far from their domestic territories. VFS identified some challenges when workshops are charging long-hauling companies for repairs in foreign countries, when the driver is the sole representative on-site.
Every minute a truck is standing still is a cost for the whole supply chain. Therefore, it is important to improve the process so that the truck needing service can get back on the road as soon as possible.

“This particular project is a shining example of an agile development journey where we took a broad approach at first but quickly zoomed in on one particular problem. Payer is smooth to work with and the technology is top notch. The team from Payer has been responsive our needs and is quick to deliver”

Martin Kvarnered

Project lead

Digital invoice on mobile telephone screen
Customer issues
  • Simplify getting service in foreign
  • Improve service payment experience.
  • Establish trust amongst the parties
  • Minimize vehicle downtime and loss of
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Dealer issues
  • Improve process efficiency.
  • Securing payment approvals from
    foreign customers.
  • Improve collecting activities.



The solution

An integrated B2B payment solution

Payer’s B2B payment platform was the ideal solution to help VFS to achieve this. VFS’ integration partner Sigma utilized Payers platform to design a solution to establish complete transparency between the service station and the haulage company.

The solution, which is tailored for Volvo’s specific needs, simply sends a mobile notification to a manager at the haulage company about the service order so that he/she can approve and pay it directly. After the approval process is made, payment is done in real-time which also simplifies the back-end reconciliation of payments in Volvo Financial Services’ ERP system which is SAP. This will enable a new way of handling digital payments, including digital communication, reservations and payment captures without losing valuable time.

The benefits of the solution are linked to cash flow, credit risks, and reconciliation. Customers will now enjoy faster access to service, improved uptime, and a new convenient way of making payments in order to get the truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

Solution highlights

Digital invoice on mobile telephone screen
Pre-authorizing of payments


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Customers pay by SMS/e-mail link
Illustrated credit card high resolution orange
Creating secure communication for online card payments

The result

Real-time B2B payments are lowering costs and improving efficiency.

The solution opened up for transparency between the service station and the hauling company and enabled fast payments to get the truck back on the road. It also simplifies reconciliation of payments in Volvo’s ERP system.

The payment solution from Payer, which focuses on back end processing to connect to the payment ecosystem have resulted in better service of trucks on the road.

“Effective payment solutions is a strategic area for us that supports our business and helps our customers. Together with Payer, with its B2B focus, we have been able to deliver an internationally scalable solution in record time.”

Hampus Hansson

Director Innovation & Strategy, Volvo Financial Services

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