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United Spaces – the client

United Spaces and its owner, the real-estate company Castellum, gave Payer the assignment to develop payment flows for the next generation co-working app.

Payer now trusted to facilitate all revenue streams through our platform.


The challenge was to develop a payment process that has focus on the user experience on the front- and back-end. The solution should include card but also invoice issuing and automation of collection and reconciliation. And at the same time connects easily with the customers bookkeeping system.


Payment procedures for all services related to the everyday work day was integrated into the member app. Meeting room bookings, food and drink orders, office supplies and membership fees was included. On top of that, Payer ensured full automation and integration into the customers bookkeeping system.


The result is 80% cost reductions for the finance department in the management of invoicing, collection and reconciliation.

Also, overdue invoices have been reduced by 21% and invoices, in general, are paid 27% faster by the members.

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“Payer has a unique platform that can solve complex payment flows. What Payer is solving, with an integration to our multiple systems, is something we looked for in a supplier. ”

Niklas Ingeström
CDO at Castellum, owner of United Spaces


United Spaces offers a full service coworking concept and flexible office space.

Platform products:

Post-purchase modules

Our role:

Develop payment flows for the next generation co-working app

Payer Labs:

Pre-study phase: Problem analysis, project plan, concept design, solution architect, external project management

Pre-production phase: External project management, custom development, system integrations.

Production phase: Continuous improvement and development, maintenance and support.

Payer API Platform:

Handles the payout experience


United Spaces and Payer


Real Estate


Software Product Development, Support & Maintenance, Software Testing, UI/UX Design


Backend: Kotlin, Cloud-based
Native Apps: Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift)

The challenge

Payment automation in the back, great UX in the front

United Spaces is a fast growing co-working concept in Sweden. Their member base is a digital tribe and they require simple and flexible work spaces but equally simple and flexible digital interaction with their host.

United Spaces selected Payer as payment provider in 2019. The company ended 2020 with 4 offices across an equal number of cities. As United Spaces is opening more offices around Sweden, 5 more are planned to open in 2021, it was important for them to grow with a payments supplier that had a full focus the user experience on both the front and back-end. The challenge was to develop a payment process B2B that not only includes card but also invoice issuing and automation of collection and reconciliation.

“The result after implementing Payer has been incredible for the finance department. We are spending 80% less time on invoicing and payment collection than we did before. On-top of that, invoices are actually paid 30% faster.”

– Joakim Helbig

CFO, United Spaces

The solution

One app to rule them all

A smart app was developed to become the central hub in the everyday life of the co-working members. All services on the premises is integrated into the app. Entry and exit procedures, meeting room booking and ordering of food, drinks and office supplies are some of the services that is available. Communication within the member community is also a central functionality of the app.

The costs for the services is automatically billed monthly to the client or can be paid directly with Swish (a local Swedish payment method) or by using other popular payment options like card.

Payer was chosen by United Spaces to automate all payment flows within the app including invoice management. At the same same time Payer made sure to automate all bookkeeping by connection Payer’s API platform to United Spaces ERP for near real-time accounting and reporting.

Solution highlights

The Results

Business in the front, party in the back

The results of the solution has been incredible for the finance department especially with 80% cost reductions in invoicing and payment collection. The simplicity of the solution for the members also has reduced overdue invoices with circa 20% and due invoices are paid in circa 30% shorter time.

United Spaces has now shifted all of their payment volumes to Payer.

“I believe this setup could work as a blueprint for the finance department of the future. Automation and digitisation is meant to make processes more effecient and we have achieved everything, and more with Payer.”

– Joakim Helbig

CFO, United Spaces

Results of the project


Cost reduction in payment management


Due invoices are paid in 27% shorter time


Decrease in invoices paid after due date


App Integrated B2B payments

Automation of AR processes

Heavy cost reductions

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