How a new digital
payout solution was developed

Returpack – the client

Returpack is the company that, since the 1980’s, handles 88% of the deposit of recyclable bottles and cans in Sweden through a network of reverse vending machines.

Over 2 Billion containers are recycled through Returpack each year.


The Swedish population have since the 1980’s been used to receiving a paper receipt from the reversed vending machine after a recycling session. The challenge was to introduce a simple digital payout solution with as little friction as possible for the users.


The solution works in a combination of the RVM (or machine) software, a cloud based deposit back-end system, consumer facing native apps and Payer’s API Platform.


The result from the first roll-out phase on 57 bigger bulk machines showed conversion rates above 25% without any broad awareness communication about the app. Circa 20.000 app downloads has been made during the first few months.

“Payer has been very receptive to our needs and we have felt secure that they would deliver a stable and secure solution for our digital breakthrough service.”

– Henric Oscarsson,
Development Lead at Returpack


Returpack is responsible for the Swedish deposit systems for metal cans and recyclable PET bottles for ready to drink beverages.

Platform products:

Strong authentication
Bank account fetching
Payout solution

Our role:

Full cycle from requirements specification and architecture to deployment, 2nd line support & maintenance

Payer Labs:

Pre-study phase: Problem analysis, project plan, concept design, solution architect, external project management

Pre-production phase: External project management, custom development, system integrations.

Production phase: Continuous improvement and development, maintenance and support.

Payer API Platform:

Handles the payout experience


Returpack, RVM supplier and Payer




Software Product Development, Support & Maintenance, Software Testing, UI/UX Design


Backend: Kotlin, Cloud-based
Native Apps: Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift)

The challenge

Digitising a 37 year old user behaviour

The Swedish deposit return scheme by Returpack is something that everyone in the population knows of and is contributing to. Returpack, which is owned by The Swedish Brewers association (50%), Swedish Food Retailers Federation (25%) and the Grocery Store Association (25%) wanted to explore how a digital solution could act as a complement to, and potentially be a substitute of, the paper voucher that since 1984 has been the main form of reimbursment for the consumers.

Payer’s challenge was to design the architecture, user interaction and develop a simple digital payout solution with as little friction as possible for the users to achieve high conversion.

“This is an important piece in order to develop the future deposit return scheme in Sweden. With the help of Payer we got the opportunity to test a new digital solution at scale and we can now offer a safe and simple transfer of funds back to the consumer’s bank account.”

– Carita Classon

Product manager, Returpack

The solution

A machine-to-consumer payout solution

The experience consists of and is an interplay between the machine software, a deposit back-end, consumer-facing native apps and Payer’s API payment platform, where Payer handles the core part of the digital payout solution.

The first-time registration and setup of the receiving bank account takes less than a minute to complete. The user scans a QR code after completing a session and the funds are shortly deposited into the bank account. The pilot phase was implemented at 57 bulk machines, called Pantamera Express, that can receive a large number of packages simultaneously. These machines receive 90 million packages all together.

Solution highlights

 Powerful deposit back-end & consumer-facing native apps

Secure and easy bank account fetching & fast payout to bank accounts

Great conversion, adoption and recurring rates

The results

A future proof payout solution for Sweden

The conversion rates to Payer’s digital solution during the inital roll-out on the Pantamera Express machines exceeded 20% without broad communication and is continiously increasing. The recurring usage is also steady among those users that has connected their bank account in the app. Close to 20.000 app downloads has been made in the first months of 2021.


Results of the project


App downloads


Conversion rate


New payout solution


Easy UX

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