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Beleco is an award-winning business that innovates how companies decorate their offices. They call their business furniture-as-a-service. Beleco needed help to design an end-to-end payments solution and turned to Payer for help.

The result was magical.

The Challenge

Beleco has various business partners that all add value to the platform in different ways. The challenge is to connect them all to one another and ensure the various payment flows are matched with the correct partner, which can be different for each and every customer.

Making payments and payouts, distributing payment flows within the platform, and keeping track of it all can tie up a lot of resources. Managing and registering all the transactions between so many different parties manually was not an option. A simple solution was needed to automate payment flows in a smart, transparent, and secure way.

The Solution

Beleco’s platform ties together all the customers’ needs with those of suppliers and stylists through a marketplace where you can choose, order, and pay simply and safely. Payer’s platform automates payments, distributes payouts, and performs accounting in a safe and friction-free manner. 

Thanks to the different B2B module options in Payer’s Payment Platform, Beleco received an automated, tailor-made flow adapted to their needs and processes. The result was a fast, streamlined payment experience for customers that worked smoothly for all parties involved.

Growing together

In addition to providing Beleco with a payment solution that suited their current needs, Payer has also been active in helping Beleco think about the future and how the two partners can develop their businesses together.

“We’re interested in expanding out into Europe, and Payer is interested in developing new solutions together and embarking on that journey with us,” says Beleco co-founder and CEO Sebastian Rudenstam.

“With other companies there’s a lot of  ‘no, no, no’, but with Payer it was always ‘yes, yes, yes’.”

Beleco product suite


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Payer Case: Beleco

‘Payer makes us feel like anything is possible’

Beleco, an “AirBnB for furniture”, operates an online marketplace connecting interior designers and furniture suppliers with individuals and companies wishing to rent furniture for fixed periods of time.

With so many partners connected to Beleco’s platform and potentially dozens involved in any single transaction, efficiently managing and registering an increasing volume of complex payments was a serious challenge. At the same time, Beleco’s tech-savvy users had high demands for simple, digital transactions.

A single, integrated solution

Beleco was looking for a single, integrated digital payment solution that provided a frictionless user checkout process while at the same time making it easier for Beleco to manage recurring inbound and outbound payments to multiple parties.

“We were often met with ‘that’s not possible’ or ‘you can only choose this’,” says Beleco co-founder and CEO Sebastian Rudenstam.

“But Payer came with a number of possible solutions and really explained to us in detail how we could solve different steps of the process. They really made us feel like anything was possible.”

Working together with Payer’s team of digital payment experts, Beleco was able to choose from Payer’s range of payment modules to create a tailor-made payment solution that met their specific needs.

‘The whole process is streamlined’

“We chose Payer because we were able to get a customised, complete solution. They made it possible for us to create a checkout that can handle orders with multiple suppliers,” says Sebastian.

“Now that so much of the process is automated, customers don’t need to worry about anything. They can go in, make a purchase, and check out. The whole process is streamlined.”

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