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Volvo Financial Services chooses Payer

Payment solution for European long haul truck operations

Payer developed an integrated communication and payment solutions to solve cross border transactions for Volvo Financial Services

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Returpack selects Payer

Payer developed the next generation digital payout solutions for reversed vending machines

Payer developed an integrated system between the machine, cloud, app, and bank accounts. The solution is a future development of the nationwide deposit refund scheme in Sweden.

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Enabling commercial success and operational efficiency

Discover new avenues for revenue

Discover new business opportunities by building fantastic purchase experiences independent on digital surface.

With Payer you onboard new customers in a simple way and offer all types of payment methods

Reduce costs by automation

We have a track record of cost reductions up to 80% by automation of back-end collection and payment processes.

You can achieve the same by connecting your front-end and back-end environment with Payer’s API platform for B2B payments.

Platform modules for each step of the B2B purchase journey

Conversion & Onboarding

Payer’s pre-purchase services allow you to trust new customers and let trusted customers buy with ease. 

B2B Payments

Payer has wide range of B2B payment solutions and modules that gives you the opportunity to serve local, regional or global customers.


We have designed our system to automatically work with your ERPs, business intelligence and bookkeeping systems.

Accelerate your B2B digital commerce with Payer

Payer’s API platform is proven to reduce costs up to 80%, while improving cash flow & work efficiency.

A full suite of B2B payment options for global support


90% of B2B purchases are made by invoice. We offer a fully digital solution.

Card and wallets

We support all major credit card networks and we also have a global coverage of alternative payment methods.

Bank payments

EU wide corporate bank payments. Direct debits and U.S. ACH


With Payer’s payout solution you can transfer funds to your global customers with a single API-request. 

Payer Labs helps you discover the best way to digitalise your sales through structured payment workshops.

Handing you blueprints for the future

Our customers have enabled new digital revenue streams and cost reductions by integrating Payer’s API platform for B2B payments. These opportunities can often be hidden from plain view but can be dug up just like gold nuggets from a river bed.
This is exactly what we accomplished with Payer Labs

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Customer success stories

Beleco image of lounge or living room

Beleco is an award-winning business that innovates how companies decorate their offices. They call their business furniture-as-a-service.

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Touchtech screen in a store environment

“The challenge was that we had to rely largely on us checkout options in the customer’s web shop, there the consumer in the store needed to use his phone to finish purchase. 

Thanks to Payer we can offer a complete solution – including the payment solution – right out of the box ”

– Deniz Chaban, CEO Touchtech


Work system brand image with worker and service car

“When we were on the verge of our international expansion, we realized we needed a smart B2B-solution for digital payments across national borders. Thanks to close cooperation with Payer, we now have the ability to automate and integrate the management of our entire customer journey with our business system.

With Payer as a partner, we are better equipped to take on Europe!”

– Fredrik Upåker, CFO Worksystem