Making bank payments happen

Regardless of your front-end experience, bank-to-bank transfers can be initiated digitally when the customer is using your application. A bank payment can also be triggered by a previously stored token or offered as a regular, one-way bank payment to the customer when receiving a payment link or invoice. 

Bank payments in Payer’s platform follow our modular design and white label structure so that the payment experience can be seamlessly built into your application and tailored to suit your specific flows.

Image of a connected bank system with Payer stack in the middle

Bank payments initiated in a web application or app

Allow your customers to pay digitally in your web application, native app, or other system where the user is included in an interaction, such as a checkout process or digital order view.

Initiating the payment with the customer can speed up bank payment times to nearly real time, depending on your chosen configuration.

Image of a system where a token is exchanged and a bank payment is triggered

Triggering bank payments from a token

For recurring or multiple payments, you can save time for both you and your customer by setting up an contract for triggering payments initiated by the customer or by you based on a recurring or usage-based payment model.

Setting up the contract is easy with Payer’s platform. When agreements are created you will receive a token you can use to trigger subsequent payments with a single API request.

Image of an internal company system of bank payments

Incoming bank payments initiated from the customer’s own system

Our bank payment service supports one-way incoming payments from your customer to a bank account. We automate the handling, matching, and reconciliation of all payments across different payment types (local, SEPA, etc.), banks, and currencies. 

The service handles both payments initiated or triggered by any of the services above as well as incoming payments initiated directly from the customer.

Real-time information and automation across all systems

Real-time information and reporting of bank payments

Payments are reported in real-time from our platform and accessible via our modern API so that you can keep your different systems in sync and ensure both you and your customers have access to the latest information.

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Bank payment features

Transaction moving in and through a laptop computer with a Payer logo

Payments via Payer or directly to your account

Payments can be routed via Payer’s account or directly to your own bank account. Regardless of your preference, we take care of everything and automate the flows.

Recurring symbol on a laptop computer screen


Save time for both you and your customer and increase liquidity by setting up automated payments from your customers.

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Utilize multiple rails and schemes to offer bank payments globally

Examples include local bank schemes (like Swedish autogiro, bankgiro, plusgiro), SEPA, payments via international IBAN accounts, ACH, etc.

Multiple bank payments schemes in the same image such as Autogiro, Plusgiro, Bankgiro, IBAN, ACH, BACS

Bank payments work well with these modules

Bank account fetching
Account Information
Invoice administration

Customer success stories

Beleco image of lounge or living room

Beleco is an award-winning business that innovates how companies decorate their offices. They call their business furniture-as-a-service.

Beleco success story →

Touchtech screen in a store environment

“The challenge was that we had to rely largely on us checkout options in the customer’s web shop, there the consumer in the store needed to use his phone to finish purchase. 

Thanks to Payer we can offer a complete solution – including the payment solution – right out of the box ”

– Deniz Chaban, CEO Touchtech


Work system brand image with worker and service car

“When we were on the verge of our international expansion, we realized we needed a smart B2B-solution for digital payments across national borders. Thanks to close cooperation with Payer, we now have the ability to automate and integrate the management of our entire customer journey with our business system.

With Payer as a partner, we are better equipped to take on Europe!”

– Fredrik Upåker, CFO Worksystem

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